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Image for article titled Take part in our research studies Take part in our research studies We are pleased to be able to offer our registered population the opportunity to be involved in various research studies. 05/02/2024 Image for article titled Covid Vaccine Covid Vaccine Please see a list of pharmacy sites in Hillingdon delivering Covid 19 vaccinations for the 2023/24 autumn winter season 03/10/2023 Image for article titled Requesting your NHS Number Requesting your NHS Number If you do not know what your NHS Number is you can easily ask us to send it to you - Learn How 17/07/2023 Image for article titled End of Life Training for Carers End of Life Training for Carers See upcoming dates for sessions with Carers Trust Hillingdon 22/03/2023 Image for article titled Warm Welcome Centres Warm Welcome Centres Hillingdon Library Services and H4All have identified a number of warm spaces in Hillingdon for local residents. Learn more here. 17/01/2023 Image for article titled Strep A Strep A Please see support information regarding Strep A for parents and carers. 13/12/2022 Image for article titled Resident Survey Resident Survey Hillingdon Health and Care Partners is conducting a borough wide engagement with Hillingdon residents to ascertain what changes have been made to support services as a result of COVID-19. 12/08/2022